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BCIT New Media Program

Interested in pursuing a career in New Media? Checkout BCIT's New Media and Web Development program below!

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Program Overview

Learn to design and produce interactive, user-friendly media projects, responsive websites, integrated social media campaigns, and visually appealing stories and dynamic, rich multi-media content with the BCIT Diploma in New Media Design and Web Development. Demand for the creative and technical skills of new media professionals is increasing rapidly, as companies look for new and innovative ways to engage with clients and customers.

The Diploma in New Media Design and Web Development provides you with applied skills in the following key areas, instrumental for success in this fast-growing field:

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About the Program

Employers value BCIT’s applied, job-ready approach to education and training. It’s the BCIT advantage that sets our graduates apart from the pack.

Learn more about program goals and how this program prepares you for a career in new media on the Program Details page.

Featured Courses

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